When The Pictures Really Matter

The implementation of photography on digital dentistry allows the use of the advantages for training, analysis, display, duplication and storage of images with more skills for a better diagnosis, planning and tracing of clinic cases. Besides, the use of photography not only improves the communication with the pacients, but also it allows handling as legal supporting documentation for clinical procedures, and even the development of marketing and advertising and promotion of dental treatments. Modern dentistry implements photography as an art and science that supports the personal development of dental professional, as a tool for analysis and dissemination of their research.

“When Pictures Really Matter” is a photography course, created by deontologists Eduardo De Agüiar and Jesus Ostos, which objective is capacitation in marketing, innovation, self-evaluation, legal support and scientific support areas, through this course people learn to use photography and image editing as an effective tool for the improvement of daily practice. WPRM encourages the training of participants about how transmit a message, through presentations or advertisement for social media, topic which has differentiated us from any other photography course. WPRM encourages participants training on how to convey a message, through presentations (classrooms or conferences) or advertising for social networks, topic which has set us apart from any other photography course. We have worked on projects with support from 3M, Ivoclar – Vivadent, MIS implant system, Group Esparza, Dio Implant system Korea, Canon, Bisco, among others. WPRM has been accepted by many countries: United States, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Dominican Republic, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela, in addition to providing private doctors training, university professors and clinics private.

WPRM is not a conventional photography course. Is a both educative and artistic program aimed to encourage a different approach about photography in the professionals.

Program Objectives

  • Equipment for dental and facial photograph
  • Management photographic equipment
  • Principles of Image Capture
  • Protocols for the formation of intraoral and extraoral images
  • Communication treatment
  • Communication with the patient
  • The message of the conference and their current formats
  • Basics for editing images in dentistry
  • The manipulation of software and applications to create art for dental marketing
  • Error of shooting
  • Editing errors

It is a course in image management, which promotes the improvement of labor between dentists, dental technicians and assistants purposes of providing cutting edge tools to the current market competitiveness, so we are pleased to share a message of universal language our participants, in order to boost their professionals careers.